The Power in Writing Down Goals

Do you write down your goals? Do you tell them to someone who you confide in? Do you or have you ever done a mood board? How do you follow up on your goals? How do you set your dreams and aspirations? Or are you the type who just thinks about them and sets out to achieve them?

Extensive research has been conducted and one I like personally was in a university in Carlifornia to demonstrate the art and science of goal setting. This study found out hat at leasy 42% are likely to achieve thier goals simply by writing them i.e. seting them in stone. However, as a child I remember my parents giving us diaries and notebooks to write down our thoughts and feelings. Even at prep school we had a diary to write down homework to be done and deadlines. Basically planning. So I grew up believing that writing down your goals, your dreams and aspirations brings them to life!

Its may sound like a cliche – so I am going to try it.

write down your goals

As a wardrobe stylist, my personality and job description, I do plan out what to wear, when to wear it and where to wear it. This could be per season, then broken down per month and then per week depending on my chores, agenda and weather. Of course I am flexible as it may change on the day depending on my mood. Its not complicated at all LOL #SheSays as #SheSlays.

So for the next seven days, yes starting tomorrow 19th July 2018, I am going to write down my goals and dreams. Join me!

Its going to be in four areas that are important to me – just because I need (1) clarity on certain things and also I hope that this exercise will (2) focus me on the day to day errands.

No, I am not going to publish what my goals are. I will however on my instastories at @amatuarmario, update on accomplishing this task – upgrading and uplevelling the accountability game.


Lets set goals together soon.



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