Post Code to Codigo Postale

Ever read on how the Bikini saved Spain? Making Spain a world tourism destination?  
Well, amongst many other reasons, in 2011 I find myself in Madrid.

What a welcome. Madrid Barajas Airport in all its lights and designs of architecture at Terminal 4. Plus the sunshine and 13degrees of warmth.
13 not so an unlucky number.

The process of zip code change process started with the decsion to move, the rental property search, setting the moving date, the moving list ….This list kept growing like a pupae – slowly but fatly(sic). Not yet a butterfly….

Now, personally, I am on a Re-invention path!! Oh Yes! What an opportunity!

The Making of a Madrileña.

The reference:
Giles Tremlett’s Ghosts of Spain: Travels through a country’s hidden past.

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