Feeling like a particle of liquid belonging to name group energy drink aka red-bull….


Well, its a new page and I am hoping its actually a new book altogether.
Had a hearty chat with the Lover-boy. Yesterday. I was honest and true.  Growth signs. The response was somewhat confusing as I suppose my train of thought was confusing. Will focus on that. Another focusing part is to focus on me. I know!!! What? Yeah, focus on me. I have no clue and I need to be aware and in the now. Toughies coming up..

I have a couple of things to do now. Really do. I have to plan in pen and paper and then implement. Yet I am here procrastinating and blogging – this is not my free time.

Caught up with pal who migrated to Melbourne, Oz. Just decided one day to get-up-and-leave. Thats how it went. True story. Now they are there and things seem to be going swimingly well. The Centrelink leaves something to be desired from Jobcentre. Not that Jobcentre has ever been the shining clear cut precious stone. The little she swooned on about was amazing. And brilliant opportunity. And the son is going to have such a ball. He already is by sounds of it. I am so happy for them. How can one not be, eh?! Especially knowing that April 2011 I am sooooo there. In the name of visiting.

On to matters of the head: received some really good news regarding money agent in UK.
For now its capital I do not have. So where’s the good news bit? The required capital is not as MUCH as I had anticipated. Pesimistic me. So now, little Miss business lady has a task of proposal writing and business set-up. It has to be a business venture. Joint Venture. Way forward.

Other aspect is to follow-up on the website. Its almost like a phantom website as its never making an appearance. Saga is that it has and is being done snew. Mr Tech guy did a runner with alot of blackness in his heart. No internet whiz can access the necessary to continue. Its now TAKE-TWO. Crossed fingers and everything else.

Oooh, please do click and sponser my run for Cancer. I will attempt the 5k run on the 26th May 2010. I have lest than 3weeks to raise a reasonable £300. Realistic. The all important link http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/chiquitas

So this week, things to do are very varried and very important. The thing is, I do have to do them as oppsed to thinking I should do them. Following this, I see me a very happy version of me in the now. A somewhat busy money making me who is then doubly happy. Not bad.

In a nut-shell, its seems I am on a path to find my path.

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